Immanuel Lutheran Church

Norwood, PA

We Must Plant the Church
The story of Lutherans in America

Please join the adult Christian Education class when we learn about the history of Lutherans in America. A series of video lectures, delivered in a documentary style, will inform us of the heritage of our church, beginning with Henry Muhlenberg.  We will learn of the tension between honoring the European roots of the church and adapting to the realities of American life. Each video segment will be followed by a group discussion. We will start our classes promptly at 9:00 am on Sunday morning and conclude before our scheduled worship at 10:00 am. This series will begin on Sunday, September 17, 2017.

The video series presenters include Kathryn Kleinhans (Wartburg College), Mark Granquist (Luther Seminary), Maria Erling (Lutheran Theological Seminary), Richard Stewart (University of Chicago), Gordon Straw (American Indian and Alaska Native Ministries, ELCA), DeAne Lagerquest (St. Olaf College), David Preus (ELCA Bishop Emeritus), and Vivian Jenkins Nelson (Augsburg College).

500th Anniversary of Lutheran Reformation