Immanuel Lutheran Church, Norwood, commits                                                                                 to celebrating the love of God with ALL people                                                                                     as we are all made in God’s image. Whatever your abilities, gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship status, race, culture, faith tradition or economic circumstance; whatever your past or present – you are welcome to share in God’s love and our community.

Rev. Scott R. Lee

501 Chester Pike, Norwood PA 19074 


10:00 AM | Sunday

Ages 3 - Adult Classes

September 17 - May


4th of July Parade

Sunday Bible Adventures


Christmas Cantata 2018




11:00 AM | Sunday

Emergency cancellation information, call
610-586-5860. Message will be changed if events are cancelled or postponed.

Everyone Is Welcome

Immanuel Lutheran Church

Norwood, PA